Sunday, February 19, 2006

Vintage Hypnotism | Celebrities in Trance: HIldegarde Kneff

Hypnosis with style rule #1:There can no be more glamourous and sensual hypnotic subjects than golden age Hollywood Stars.
Hildegarde Kneff was a german actress that had a long career in the film industry, both in Germany and in the USA. She starred in "Svengali", one of several film adaptations of George de Maurer's classic novel about hypnotism "Trilby". In this video, taken once again from the Pathe Archives (sorry for annoying copyright notice on screen), Hildergarde is hypnotized by a psychologist that is helping her research for a role, presumably "Svengali"'s. The induction and film itself are good, not great; but the piece of film is a rarity. There's evidence of plenty of classic hollywood stars that were hypnotized in some ocassion, but very rarely on screen.

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