Monday, April 17, 2006

Beautiful Inductions | Celebrities in Trance: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson / Susana Gonzalez

A couple of nice snipets found recently on the Web that you may know, worth revisiting nonetheless. The first one concerns British Socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, party girl and reality TV contestant; sort of England's answer to Paris Hilton. In preparation for one of these programs, Tara was hypnotized by the most famous of English hypnotists, Paul McKenna, whose list of celebrity clients reads like a hypnofetishist dream. Tara was filmed being put under to overcome her phobia to snakes, and some nice soul has recently uploaded the video of the sequence to Google Video. It's a brief little thing, but we find it rather enjoyable, specially the image of Paul holding Tara's loose wrist as the muscles in her face go all limp. It looks like this:

Susana Gonzalez is a latin actress who was once hypnotized on TV by Mexican Hypnotist Niko, whose bigger claim to fame has been recently hypnotizing several players from the Mexican Soccer Team in preparation for the next World Cup. Here in the Society we have always admired Niko for his excellent taste in choosing classy hypnosis subjects..

The video of Susana hypnotized and made stiff as a board has been available for a long time as part of Hypnovideo's absolutely essential Ladies of Spain compilations (if you like this blog and don't have any of these DVDs you are missing a lot of good things; go and get them). However, it was not available in full, as the beginning of the sequence was missing. Now Niko has uploaded the full video to his site, including a rather nice fast induction that shows that Susana is a pretty good subject. The format of the file is horrible Flash that we cannot grab and upload somewhere else, but it's definitely worthy of your time. Go and have a look.

Remember that we are always looking here for new or old fascinating files about glamour, beauty and hypnosis. If you come across something interesting in your travels through the web, or you want to contribute with some rare item from your personal collection please let us know.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Enchanting Hypnotists | Hypnosis in Media: "Oldboy" hypnosis scenes

The award-winning Korean movie "Oldboy", from 2003, is one of the most intense and powerful film experiences of the last ten years. If you have seen it, you know it; if you haven't, you should basically quit reading this site and buy it, rent it or download it right now; you won't be sorry.

In this tender and tragic tale of revenge, there is a female hypnotist that plays a crucial part. This is all I can say without spoiling it for those who have not seen it, and I won't do that. However, I believe I can show you every scene that she appears in without ruining the movie for anyone; it's not more than 3 minutes long, and it's in Korean. Our copy of the film doesn't have English subtitles, but if you have seen the movie you don't need them; if not, you can see the video safely and have another reason to watch "Oldboy".

As I said, the Hypnotist appears in the movie only in 3 short scenes, where she puts under the male and female protagonists; little more than 3 minutes of time on screen. This is why I find so incredible how with barely any material Seung-Shin Lee, the actress portraying her, creates one of the most memorable evil female hypnotists in the recent history of cinema; we are talking "Woman in Green" levels of greatness here, ladies and gentlemen. Eveything about her is just perfect: the first thing we get to see from her, her way of walking, soft and elegant; her silken voice; how her facial expression is calm but at the same time authoritative; the cunningness and power she exhales, seducing people into hypnotic sleep without their knowledge; and her hypnotic tool, a bell hanging from a swinging metal chain. This is one of the better examples I can find of everything we love in the Hypnotic Appreciation Society. There is apparently a (completely unnecesary) Hollywood Remake of "Oldboy" in production. What we really want to see is a spinoff movie about Yoo Hyung-ja, the fascinating hypnotist in this great film.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Beautiful Inductions: Derren Brown on "The Gathering"

British Mentalist Derren Brown is the hypnotist who is not really hypnotizing you; he's only talking to you on a level that you can understand. Like The Amazing Kreskin before him, Brown -who is one of the most amazing performers working right now in the world of magic- uses suggestion and NLP but very rarely does a proper, formal hypnotic induction were he puts his subject to sleep. However, his TV special "The Gathering" includes a few of these rare ocassions. The ten minute video you are about to see includes two brief sections were an English male celebrity and a female member of the audience are put under quick and fast with just a click of his fingers. After this, all the audience is invited to participate in a collective suggestion experiment where they are told to forget the entire evening.

Although Charlie, the female subject, is quite lovely and seems a nice girl, the induction is unfortunately so fast and brief and the trance so shallow that it hardly enters our Beautiful Inductions chapter. However, what is interesting here is the mood. Derren Brown knows how to create an atmosphere and the lights on stage, the scenery... everything contributes to create a setting of mystery and fascination which is lacking sadly in most modern hypnosis stage shows. A tip for the average stage hypnotist doing the circuit: taking care of the dramatic and scenic aspects of your show is hardly going to hurt you guys, and it makes it more inspiring than just watching the standard row of chairs. "The Gathering" was also exquisitely shot and photographed, which also helps to enjoy it more.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Enchanting Hypnotists: Noora Karma

Noora Karma is a magician, mentalist and hypnotist from Finland. She lives in England and works along with Spanish Magician Alfonso Rios: as a team, they are called Opposite Attraction. Opposite Attraction are like one of those superhero teams in comics; they have an impressive set of abilities very conveniently split. Thus, while Alfonso does escapism, card tricks, reads minds, and dances, Nora is able of guessing which song are you thinking of and then play it on the piano; and, more important, can put people in a hypnotic sleep. In a nice twist to the traditional magician-assistant relationship, Nora is the one who entrances volunteers before Alfonso levitates them. It makes sense; I would consider very seriously volunteering for their act if this gorgeous lady is going to put me to sleep first...

You can see some images of their act on their site, and a video that shows two short scenes where Nora lays a gentleman flat on the floor, and makes a deeply entranced woman rigid while she's being balanced on a chair.

Via Inraptured forums.

Hypnosis in Media | Enchanting Hypnotists: "The Man Inside" trailer

We haven't found much information about this video you are about to see. It seems to be a trailer for an independent movie still in production. The plot deals with an amnesiac man and his beautiful, mysterious psychiatrist.The trailer show different images from a hypnotic session, including the induction and the awakening. And we will only say 3 words: dangling key induction.

We definitely want to know more. It certainly looks promising.

This is also our first entry about female hypnotists, something you can definitely expect a lot more of. The Hypnotic Appreciation Society is not a female dominant hypnosis site in any way; there are plenty of those. This site deals with hypnosis and glamour, and it's hard to decide what is more glamourous: a beautiful hypnotic subject, or a beautiful hypnotist..

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Hypnosis in Media: "Hypnosis Theme" music video, by Wax Taylor

The music video for the downtempo track "Hypnosis Theme", by Wax Taylor, makes pretty explicit the inherent eroticism in hypnotic inductions. The video uses very effectively CG to create some tracks that would be pretty hard to shot on film, like the face of the beautiful subject reflected on the dangling pendant. The track starts with a standard induction and the voice of the young woman losing track as she counts backwards from 10 to 1. And ends with lots of synthetic naked women. Have a look at it.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Beautiful Inductions | Daniel Huguet, French Hypnotist on TV

This is a long induction (22 minutes) on a program in French TV. We found it on a peer to peer network and we don't have much information about it. Most of the subjects appearing are male, but you fill find a couple of beautiful ladies falling under the spell of the hypnotist in a beautiful way. Some nice details here and there to enjoy...

Updated: The hypnotist is Daniel Huguet, the TV Show is La Nit del Mystere.