Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Comedian Armelie (and a bunch of ladies) fall under the spell of Daniel Huguet

Spanish hypnotists seem to get the best subjects, but no one does inductions like the French. There is someting about hypnotists in France that sets them apart from the rest: their attention for detail, their taste for keeping their craft as something mysterious and mystifying, instead of just plain and dumb; their strong personalities and trust in themselves, best expressed in the classic saying usually related to hypnotism in France: dormez, je le veux! ("sleep, I want you to"). Everything is as if hypnotists in France had never heard about hypnotherapy and were still living in 1962, in the days of great masters like Dominique Webb and Michel de la Vega.

Daniel Huguet is definitely one of these. He puts a lot of effort in making his induction process something entertaining and worth seeing, as we had reported on a previous ocassion when he filled the whole floor of a TV studio with the bodies of hypnotized audience members in the show "La soirée de L'étrange" (the night of mistery). Recently he was back in the show, to make a new demonstation of his abilities.

In the two videos you are about to see, Daniel works first with a small selected group of four volunteers, including two very nice young ladies, and later he moves forward to put under trance a big group of audience members. It is in the first video, however, when his plans apparently change unexpectedly: during the induction one of the guest celebrities in the show starts falling under the effect of his suggestions. She is comedienne and actress Armelie, on of the guests of the show "Camera Café". He wakes her up and invites her to join the rest of volunteers for his second appearance in the show. I will not tell much about it, but let just say that Armelie redefines the meaning of "going out like a light". Daniel doesn't really do much more with her and the rest of subjects, but with inductions like these you don't really need to prove anything...

To see Monsieur Huguet's appearance on the first video, go to 08:30.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Tony Kamo TV Alert: Spanish Readers in Valencia area needed (Updated)

Updated Now with small not too interesting video at the end of the post.

Spanish Hypnotist Tony Kamo, a legend in the international hypnofetish scene, is the star of a brand new TV show called "Sessió Hipnotica" (Hypnotic Session). The show started three weeks ago and can only be seen in the Valencia area of Spain, every monday, and it .

Details are quite sketchy but they coulnd't sound better: Each program is seventy minutes long, and in every episode, Tony hypnotizes audience volunteers for therapeutic and stage hypnosis demonstrations, bystanders on the streets, and -how not-, celebrities. Funnily enough, all female guests entranced in the first four weeks had already appeared under hypnosis in previous TV shows (Maria Abradello, Carmen Janeiro, Concha Velasco and Yvonne Reyes). If the show is not cancelled -and it very well could be-, it promises to be as noteworthy as "Hola Raffaela" was in the 90s, the programme that launched Kamo to fame and started the trend of hypnotized celebrities TV shows in Spain.

Unfortunately there's almost nothing of "Sessió Hipnotica" online. There's a one-page website, a small WMV video that cannot be downloaded properly on our computers you can watch at the end of this post thanks to the help of several readers, and several Youtube fragments uploaded by one of the volunteers participating (no inductions or female subjects appearing). If you are in Spain and are able to receive Canal 9, the TV station showing Tony Kamo's show every monday, please get in contact with us; thousands of people all over the world would be very, very happy if we could find a way to put the show online.

Beautiful Inductions: Unknown Korean Hypnotist, Part One

We know almost nothing about the work of the hypnotist you are about to see. Judging from the material we have been sent, it is obvious that he is one of the most famous hypnotherapists and stage hypnotists in South Korea, appearing regularly on TV to demonstrate his therapeutic skills and to put celebrities under trance. He is almost for sure one of the two "unkown korean hypnotists" that Deeperasleep lists on his site, but we have no more information available.

We have been supplied a huge amount of television appearances showing the work of this korean master of hypnosis, and we will be releasing them in the coming weeks. Today's video is a 13-minute piece where he puts several volunteer subjects under, and, most interestingly, places the very cute female show host in a trance to make a demonstration of strength under hypnosis. More Korean TV hypnosis coming very soon...


Sunday, May 27, 2007

The hypnotic arts of Dmitry Dombrovsky

There is a theory we have had at the Hypnotic Society HQ for quite a long time; let us know what you think. There must be a great hypnosis scene in Russia, but we are just not hearing about it. There are few better historical precedents to have than Rasputin, and it makes sense somehow in cultural terms; hypnosis just fits too well with slavic XIX-XX century aesthetics, and the women are just too beautiful. The language, however, is a very strong barrier to cross and search results are always scarce. But the little we have seen, we like it very much. Here's an example.

Dmitry Dombrovsky is one of the few Russian hypnotist with a strong online pressence, although his website is quite a frustrating experience. He must be one of the premier stage hypnotists in the country, judging from the following video snippets that seem to come from his own TV special. We would love to see the whole thing, but we have only about 12 minutes to scan.

Dombrovsky seems to have a talent to handle physically his subjects, specially the ladies. He gently makes them move from one place of the stage to the other, pulling them softly and commanding their bodies. You will enjoy his skills if you like gentle touches on the foreheads of entranced girls.

There are very nice things in these three files: two very attractive subjects getting body parts frozen, needles stuck, and watches stolen, while many more remain asleep in the backgound at all times. He creates an interesting atmosphere, mystical and a bit distant from comedy, something we particularly appreciate.

If you happen to be in Russia or read Russian and would like to contribute with links or videos to the Hypnotic Society Archives, please drop us a line.

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Treasures from the Female Hypnotist Archives: "The Champions" and "Arsene Lupin"

Although the Hypnotic Society has laid dormant for many months and has just restarted its activities, the archives have kept growing and growing during the last year. We are happy to recover some of its most precious items for the enjoyment of those who may have missed them in the first place.

Seductive female hypnotists is something we enjoy almost as much as beautiful ladies in trance, but alas, they are just so hard to find, at least caught on tape. These two gems from a 60s TV show and a recent motion picture represent the most clear outline of how to endow a beautiful lady with hypnotic skills; this is as good as it gets.

"The Champions" goes for a powerful stare, while "Arsene Lupin" chooses the classic swinging watch; in both examples the voice of the hypnotist is as soft and silky as authoritative. Interrogation and manipulation are the goals of the trance, and the actresses do an amazing job. Watch out for the surpise in the middle of the induction in the second clip.

Both films arrived to us months ago Via Inraptured, the best resource in the world for glamurous female hypnotists.

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Beautiful Inductions | Hypnotist Samadhi in German TV show

A young beautiful subject on high heels and a revealing top faces the moment of falling in a hypnotic sleep, anticipating the second with expectaction and some fear; the hypnotist faces her and with confidence, places his hand oh her forehead. She closes her eyes and falls backwards, completely limp. The trance is completed.

The scene is a fragment of a German TV show called Absolut Schlegel; the master hypnotist is Samadhi. We don't really know what else is going on, but it doesn't really matters: it's definitely a beautiful induction.


Vintage Hypnotism | J Louis in "Un dos tres", early 90s

Probably 1992 does not fall within the time frame of what we would normally call Vintage Hypnotism in the Society; but although this snippet of a classic Spanish TV show is not even in black and white, it does have most of the small details that we love and identify with old style stage hypnosis. The rhythm, the patterns, the dramatic and authoritative reinforcement of sleep-related suggestions, and the corny numbers, like in this case, the "you are seeing all people naked" glasses stunt. Besides, we didn't know where else to put it.

It's short and it's not very graphic, but it was worthy of entering the archives for one reason: look at the heavy heads, deep breathing and half-open mouths of those ladies from 1992. Gorgeous. It's a shame there is so little of the craftmanship of J. Louis on the Web, who has a really vintage website.


Celebrities in Trance: Raquel Revuelta

Oh Spain, land of siesta and paradise of media hypnosis junkies. All those raised on Tony Kamo and Giucas Casella inductions on beautiful celebrities know that Spain has historically had a tendency to place its singers, models and TV hosts in deep trances in front of million of viewers. Although the golden age of TV hypnosis that were the 90s is long gone, there are still plenty of gems to uncover, like this recent one.

Raquel Revuelta, ex-miss spain, ex-model and local fashion mogul, visited last year a magic TV show where she crossed paths with mentalist Jose Carlos. Being the celebrity on the show, she had no option but be one of the chosen subjects for his brief hypnosis sessions. The first one of the videos that we present here includes the whole session, while the second one shows a snippet from the off-camera, pre show induction. Raquel is a very attractive woman and makes a glamurous subject, although she does seem to be in a rather light trance; she is only made to hold a ball of foil paper and feel it getting hotter and hotter . Watch out for two other female subjects selected from the audience that are also quite beautiful and seem to be really deep.

Tips to the Carlos Baute -melodic singer also appearing on the TV show- fan club for uploading this, even if they had to place an annoying line of text in the middle of the screen.



One, Two, Three: Awake Now

The Hypnotic Appreciation Society has been placed in a deep hypnotic slumber for the last months, but it's time to open those heavy eyelids and wake up. Since nothing particularly interesting has been going on in the hypnofetish scene since we last reported -except the unstoppable rise of online video and the copyright backslash of the media giants that killed precious gems like Mesmeric's Youtube channel (how do we miss you, Mesmeric), we pretty much can resume our mission where we left. So glamour, the inherent beauty of the hypnotic trance, vintage trance aesthetics and the true hypnosis femme fatales are our main objects of research and fascination. And our research has revealed many interesting items that will be incorporated to our collection as of now.

Check back regularly, since this time we are opening our
files to the public and staying pretty much awake.