Monday, August 06, 2007

Unknown Korean Hypnotist, Part Two

Not so long ago we promised to post more examples of the intriguing work of a certain Unknown Korean Hypnotist. We have been supplied with this material with almost no information at all, so this is all you have. In this case, 25 minutes of inductions in these case of lots of ladies in white. Enjoy.


Fredrik Praesto hypnotizes Caroline Gynning

Unless you are an expert in swedish media or in second grade supermodels, the headline of this entry will say absolutely nothing to you. Do not fear; here at the Hypnotic Appreciation Society we spend hours researching these obscure topics so you don't have to. That is, whenever they are related in some tangencial way to beautiful ladies in a deep hypnotic sleep. As is, luckily for all, the case.

Fredrik Paestro is one of the premier stage hypnotists and tv hypnotherapists in Sweden, as you can very clearly see if you browse through his swanky website. One of the several TV shows where he has made use of his abilities is Breakfast show Förkväll, where he crossed paths with stunning, busty blonde Carolina Gynning. Carolina is your average TV Personality / Model / Big Brother contestant. However, if you are really eager to know more about her, you will be interested to hear that she once tried to sell her breast implants on Ebay.

There is not much more to say beyond the obvious: you can see the video on crappy streaming here.

Some additional news about the work of Mr. Paestro: there are more videos of celebrities under hypnosis on his website, but we cannot make them work. Anyone is willing to have a look to see if they are more lucky?