Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hypnosis in Media | Enchanting Hypnotists: "The Man Inside" trailer

We haven't found much information about this video you are about to see. It seems to be a trailer for an independent movie still in production. The plot deals with an amnesiac man and his beautiful, mysterious psychiatrist.The trailer show different images from a hypnotic session, including the induction and the awakening. And we will only say 3 words: dangling key induction.

We definitely want to know more. It certainly looks promising.

This is also our first entry about female hypnotists, something you can definitely expect a lot more of. The Hypnotic Appreciation Society is not a female dominant hypnosis site in any way; there are plenty of those. This site deals with hypnosis and glamour, and it's hard to decide what is more glamourous: a beautiful hypnotic subject, or a beautiful hypnotist..

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