Sunday, May 27, 2007

Treasures from the Female Hypnotist Archives: "The Champions" and "Arsene Lupin"

Although the Hypnotic Society has laid dormant for many months and has just restarted its activities, the archives have kept growing and growing during the last year. We are happy to recover some of its most precious items for the enjoyment of those who may have missed them in the first place.

Seductive female hypnotists is something we enjoy almost as much as beautiful ladies in trance, but alas, they are just so hard to find, at least caught on tape. These two gems from a 60s TV show and a recent motion picture represent the most clear outline of how to endow a beautiful lady with hypnotic skills; this is as good as it gets.

"The Champions" goes for a powerful stare, while "Arsene Lupin" chooses the classic swinging watch; in both examples the voice of the hypnotist is as soft and silky as authoritative. Interrogation and manipulation are the goals of the trance, and the actresses do an amazing job. Watch out for the surpise in the middle of the induction in the second clip.

Both films arrived to us months ago Via Inraptured, the best resource in the world for glamurous female hypnotists.

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