Sunday, May 27, 2007

The hypnotic arts of Dmitry Dombrovsky

There is a theory we have had at the Hypnotic Society HQ for quite a long time; let us know what you think. There must be a great hypnosis scene in Russia, but we are just not hearing about it. There are few better historical precedents to have than Rasputin, and it makes sense somehow in cultural terms; hypnosis just fits too well with slavic XIX-XX century aesthetics, and the women are just too beautiful. The language, however, is a very strong barrier to cross and search results are always scarce. But the little we have seen, we like it very much. Here's an example.

Dmitry Dombrovsky is one of the few Russian hypnotist with a strong online pressence, although his website is quite a frustrating experience. He must be one of the premier stage hypnotists in the country, judging from the following video snippets that seem to come from his own TV special. We would love to see the whole thing, but we have only about 12 minutes to scan.

Dombrovsky seems to have a talent to handle physically his subjects, specially the ladies. He gently makes them move from one place of the stage to the other, pulling them softly and commanding their bodies. You will enjoy his skills if you like gentle touches on the foreheads of entranced girls.

There are very nice things in these three files: two very attractive subjects getting body parts frozen, needles stuck, and watches stolen, while many more remain asleep in the backgound at all times. He creates an interesting atmosphere, mystical and a bit distant from comedy, something we particularly appreciate.

If you happen to be in Russia or read Russian and would like to contribute with links or videos to the Hypnotic Society Archives, please drop us a line.

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You write very well.

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