Friday, June 01, 2007

Karen Black, Hypnotist in "Haunting Fear"

Actress Karen Black is a hypnotist helping a woman who suffers terrible nightmares to get a night of sound and restful sleep. The scene is taken from the late 80s film "Haunting Fear; it's rather short and for some readers it will be a bit dissapointing, but it has some nice details, like the conversation between the hypnotist and the subject about what is going to happen during the induction, the way the woman lies on a couch with the hypnotist over her, and the soft, gentle touches of the therapist on her hand.

The clip was found and taken from Hypno-Media's channel at Stage6. It has been reuploaded for convenience, since Stage6 requires a plugin not everyone will want to install to watch it. Thanks!

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Anonymous Hypnosis said...

The hypnosis video doesn't seem to work anymore, could you please re-upload it?

12:17 PM  
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