Sunday, April 09, 2006

Enchanting Hypnotists: Noora Karma

Noora Karma is a magician, mentalist and hypnotist from Finland. She lives in England and works along with Spanish Magician Alfonso Rios: as a team, they are called Opposite Attraction. Opposite Attraction are like one of those superhero teams in comics; they have an impressive set of abilities very conveniently split. Thus, while Alfonso does escapism, card tricks, reads minds, and dances, Nora is able of guessing which song are you thinking of and then play it on the piano; and, more important, can put people in a hypnotic sleep. In a nice twist to the traditional magician-assistant relationship, Nora is the one who entrances volunteers before Alfonso levitates them. It makes sense; I would consider very seriously volunteering for their act if this gorgeous lady is going to put me to sleep first...

You can see some images of their act on their site, and a video that shows two short scenes where Nora lays a gentleman flat on the floor, and makes a deeply entranced woman rigid while she's being balanced on a chair.

Via Inraptured forums.


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