Sunday, May 27, 2007

One, Two, Three: Awake Now

The Hypnotic Appreciation Society has been placed in a deep hypnotic slumber for the last months, but it's time to open those heavy eyelids and wake up. Since nothing particularly interesting has been going on in the hypnofetish scene since we last reported -except the unstoppable rise of online video and the copyright backslash of the media giants that killed precious gems like Mesmeric's Youtube channel (how do we miss you, Mesmeric), we pretty much can resume our mission where we left. So glamour, the inherent beauty of the hypnotic trance, vintage trance aesthetics and the true hypnosis femme fatales are our main objects of research and fascination. And our research has revealed many interesting items that will be incorporated to our collection as of now.

Check back regularly, since this time we are opening our
files to the public and staying pretty much awake.



Blogger webversations said...

Check this out...the art of covert hypnosis:

NLP + Mentalist + Hypnosis a very powerful mix! What do you think?

11:56 PM  
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